The key to be wise is always based on the knowledge of one's self


Learning how to manage that marvelous energy of sex means become a master of creation


The law of karma is the law that links in a wise and intelligent manner the effect with its cause. Everything good or bad that we have done in any of our lives will bring good or bad consequences for this or coming existences.


The humanity is living very difficult moments. 

The man has forgotten of “himself” and commits mistakes, which consequences are the pain and diseases.


St. Paul tells us in the Bible: "You possess fleshly body and spiritual body." We have Practices for yourself to see your soul leave the body ...

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Premarital Sex

Times change and we see how different cultural phenomenon become habits and part of normal customs in our lives. Science has lost its way and is turning to abortion violence to "solve" social problems. 

We have the so called "population control" in every single country in the world; it has become an obligation for people to use contraceptives. They advertise them in every hospital or medical service by people programmed in Colleges to repeat the same formula over and over like robots.

This population control programs are accompanied by false sexual education where women either destroy themselves with contraceptives, or kill or abort their own creature.

In this programs we are also taught about sexual and reproductive "freedom", which includes to read and gather information about sex (false education) and to be responsible ( use contraceptives, condoms etc.).

People are oriented to believe "Minors have rights too and adults shouldn't get in their business" this way of thinking has created irresponsibility and problems like premarital sex.

In Gnosis wisdom, only the Initiated can have sex in their own legitimate home.
Due to degeneration premarital sex has become normal; any teenager can have what we call a "husband-boyfriend".

In this kind of case women have everything to lose and nothing to gain, a large number of them become pregnant and commit a crime: abortion. Abortion is not only painful and very dangerous (some women die) but also carries terrible consequences in this or next lives since you will have to face the Law of God for the crimes you commit.

In a relationship where premarital sex is included, more than 80% of the times the guy is looking just for sex, as soon as he gets what he wants he leaves. He abandons the girl, and leaves her with nothing but the pain of several abortions. This happens because men usually have no courage and feel no responsibility for their children; on the contrary, they facilitate the money to kill their own child.

This kind of "sexual encounters" have place in low class places where all kind of people comes in, this is not correct, women have to give a good example and have a home with a responsible husband.

Pemarital sex is the number one reason people have abortions; millions of kids die every year because they are the product of passion, which is often confused with love.

Some men will do anything to get out of any situation that implies taking responsibility; they will excuse themselves with whatever they learn in the false education they received, something like "there are children we plan and wait for and accidents". This concept of the "accident" is the worst human cruelty ever heard of; it has been created by the materialistic ignorance we live in.


Women are forced to use contraceptives (pills, shots, implants) which finality is to block the ovaries' functions; this produces a horrible endocrine unbalance due to the chemicals in the contraceptive used to induce the constant false pregnancy alarm in their body. When women don't produce natural estrogens and don't absorb Calcium they suffer bad blood pressure, osteoporoses, dry skin, obesity, depression and the worst side effect: progressive lost of sexual desire that forces the guy to leave her.

Some women use the Birth Control ring, this device causes a permanent inflammation in the uterus which can lead to infertility, it also produces vaginal discharges, itchiness, bleeding that could last 10 to 15 days, anemia and it is an abortive.
Surgical sterilization is even worst; the sexual bioelectric magnetic circuit breaks. The energy won't ever arrive to the uterus and it will originate a terrible lost of sexual desire, pre-menopause status and bleeding (science will take this as an excuse to extract the whole sexual organ).
Women are defenseless and suffer very much; our only purpose is to relieve humanity's pain.

The major problem of premarital sex is the increasing number of pregnant girls in school years; the victims are the kids that get killed in so many ways, like if they were the worst and most horrible monsters in the World. Teenagers get pregnant because of the false education they get from school, their "eyes are open" too young. That false sexual education orients them into the "culture of pleasure" where sex is just another way to have fun.


Another cause of premarital sex, pregnancies and abortions is Fashion; publicity makes teenagers look very desirable for predators. TV and media show women like pleasure toys and merchandising. Society pressures teenagers to be seductive and sexy in order to be accepted, this is how girls become irresponsible in all levels.


We have had the opportunity to give lectures about sexual development, the consequences of masturbation , contraceptives , abortion, etc, in schools and colleges, in all of them we have found one of these following situations:


  • Medicine students who request their wives-girlfriends to have abortions.
  • In a High school , young girls from 10° ( 13 to 15 years old) told us: "Thank you for the lecture, we didn't know the consequences of contraceptives, most of us are married to our classmates we take contraceptives and our parents know absolutely nothing about it".
  • In the same high school in grade 11 there was a young girl who confessed she have had 3 of those "husband-boyfriends" and the pill made her lose all sexual desire.
  • In another school when we finished our lecture about abortion a 15 year old boy said: "Sometimes you have to have an abortion, for example my wife (a 14 year old girl and his classmate) became pregnant and she had to have an abortion because we had to continue studying".
  • A teenager was sick, his body had no defenses and when we asked him if he masturbated he said he didn't because he had a "woman" (a classmate, 14 years old).
  • A beautiful college student kept a sexual "husband-boyfriend" relationship with a rich man. In one of their encounters he recorded her with a video camera posing naked. On time she cheated on him and his revenge was to send the images all over the internet to be published.
  • Another college student from IX semester lives in constant worry because her "husband – boyfriend" sleeps with a lot of women and she is scared she is going to be infected with HIV.
  •  A 15 year old from one of the high schools we visited committed suicide because she got pregnant and didn't want her parents to find out.


Unfortunate One who dies without knowing the reason its existence 

V.M Samael Aun Weor

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