The key to be wise is always based on the knowledge of one's self


Learning how to manage that marvelous energy of sex means become a master of creation


The law of karma is the law that links in a wise and intelligent manner the effect with its cause. Everything good or bad that we have done in any of our lives will bring good or bad consequences for this or coming existences.


The humanity is living very difficult moments. 

The man has forgotten of “himself” and commits mistakes, which consequences are the pain and diseases.


St. Paul tells us in the Bible: "You possess fleshly body and spiritual body." We have Practices for yourself to see your soul leave the body ...

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Drugs Consequences
Say no to drugs!

We have fallen on the false entertainment and debauchery. We live in a society where falseness and apparent world reigns over. We live in a society which seems to have lost all its values. The more technologically advanced the science has become, the more mechanized the world has become. The man has forgotten of himself nowadays because he is entertained himself with his machines and own creations.

The current man of this world has turned himself into a machine and the human being lives on a state of emptiness even though he apparently seems to have much. He lacks the principles, moral and love with himself and his neighbors. He wants to be away from pain and suffer under these circumstances. He gets involved in the drugs world and artificial trips which make him addicted in this reality of life.

Youth of our days is born in homes without warm, without affection, without love, without family ties. Youth is born with parents who are more interested in money and set a bad example for their sons. Our current youth is given a false education without moral and spiritual principles.

Youth is stirred to hatred and violence instead of being taught   good thinking. Humanity is nowadays defenseless to the drug problem due to the fact of having this false education in their homes and schools they attend. It is vulnerable and unprepared to face a totally artificial consumer society.

Gnosis and the The Centro Gnostico Anael -Anael Gnostic Center- help all those who want to change the rhythm of their hectic existence by means of techniques and psychological procedures which allow him or her to know himself or herself, to know his or her defects in order to remove them. This turns out to be the only real way to change.

All this stuff about drugs is awfully distressing. A lady who quit drugs told to a lecturer in a meeting, ”Whatever meeting you are tell people that almost all the friends I had when I used to consume drugs either have gone or are in jail for felony”.

Another drug addict expressed, “Wherever you go. Wherever you talk. Whatever you write. Tell the young people that never begin doing drugs because once they have begun it can be too late to get out of it”.

The drug addict’s friends are the same drug addicts by affinity law.
The psychological world of their thoughts is related to drug consuming and this becomes a psychological need. The drug addict’s organic cells are fed by way of the drugs so a need of consuming comes afloat. That is to say, the same organism demands for drug consuming as a way to feed itself.

.: Destructive consequences of illegal drugs addiction.


Illegal drugs use can destroy the alpha waves or rays which serve to connect the mind with the brain, thus causing severe mental deterioration and leading drug addicts to madness. Stimulant drugs such as cocaine, crack, marijuana, heroine, amphetamine and other illegal drugs, act on the cerebral cortex, spinal cord and the sympathetic and endocrine systems, speeding and causing imbalances in metabolism and physiological functions in such a way that the addict does not feel tired, nor hungry, etc.

As the high begins to wear off, the drug user feels weakened and enters a stage of depression, irritability and fatigue and hence, the craving for drugs is felt again leading to stronger and stronger impulses to use it thus making the drug addict to sink increasingly into the vicious cycle of addiction.

Marijuana: It is the main hallucinogenic drug and is the gateway to all other drugs. Among other effects, Marijuana produces allucinations, depression, persecution complex, melancholia, panic, paranoia, aggression, increased appetite, convulsions, chronic bronchitis, decreased biological defenses, decreased testosterone production resulting in impotence and infertility in men. In women: sexual coldness, menstrual disorders and decreased prolactin secretion.

Marijuana damages the brain, causing disarray in the arrangement of neurons and consequently resulting in incurable insanity.

Leads to a loss of emotion and indifference to his personal appearance. Abandonment of work and home obligations. Loss of the ability to concentrate and severe depressive states that can lead to suicide or murder. 

Basuco: It is the deadliest illegal drug ever invented, it can destroy the life of a youngster  in less than two years. Basuco is the bagasse or residue left after extracting cocaine base. 

Basuco contains sodium hydroxide, a strong caustic which destroys skin and mucous tissues; it also contains petroleum residues such as red gasoline blends with xylene and toluene, that destroy liver ; white cement, insecticides with high levels of arsenic affecting gastric and respiratory mucosal; solvents such as acetone and others, sulfuric acid, which destroys any organic tissue, benzoic acid, amphetamine, lidocaine, caustic soda, herbicides, crushed brick, lead, potassium permanganate, chloride and others.

Basuco is the dirtiest psychoactive substance that runs in Colombia and the chemicals used for its manufacture are of very poor quality.

Basuco irreversibly causes destruction of brain tissue and loss of memory. Gums become inflamed and teeth soften up to its fall.

Inhaled basuco smoke produces burns on the tracheal and bronchial tree with loss of the natural defenses of the lungs, inflammation of the liver tissue, disrupting the body's metabolism. Hepatitis without external symptoms, insomnia, exhaustion, permanent depression, paranoia, aggression, sexual impotence and premature aging. Basuco destroys all organic mucous tissues generating tracheal and bronchial irritation, chemical pneumonitis, pulmonary edema, excitement and depression of the central nervous system, and eventually convulsions and death.

A regular basuco dose wrapped in paper (known as “papeleta”) contains only 0.5 grams of cocaine, which makes it necessary to consume a greater quantity of these in order to feel the stimulus of basuco, thereby increasing the damage to the body, given that the actual content of drugs is minimal with respect to the amount of harmful agents contained therein. About 1,000 grams of basuco can be obtained from a single gram of cocaine. 


Cocaine: The purity of cocaine sold on the streets of Colombia is lower than in many other cities of the world; it is about 30%, while in Spain, for example, the purity is estimated between 40 to 60%.

A sample of cocaine tested in a laboratory gave the following analysis: Cocaine 23%, milk powder 27%, Mannitol (a diuretic) 11%, sugar 25%, Lidocaine or Xylocaine 14%. Acetylsalicylic acid was found in another sample with a concentration of 20%. Anesthetics, starches and sugars are incorporated into the cocaine in order to produce numbness of the mucous membranes and effects similar to cocaine base, in such a way that drug users are cheated and it is impossible for them to know what they are actually inhaling.

Drugs cause such a disorder of the brain neurons that hallucinations are generated. Hallucination is the most noticeable feature of a schizophrenic or insane person´s behaviour. Anyone who sees imaginary objects, feels things, hear voices, etc.. which are not real, has an imbalance of the ordering of brain neurons and is a demented person. Use of drugs, particularly marijuana, produce hallucinations driving its consumers to INSANITY.


DRUGS damage brain cells and cause decay in the gray  mass of the brain. (This has been scientifically proven by means of the scanner).

The burden of stimulation produced by drugs affects and weakens the sexual function, which is a driver of the human machine; at first, drug use results in increased sexual arousal but in time it exhausts the sexual energy and leads the drug addict to sexual indifference, then IMPOTENCE and eventually to HOMOSEXUALISM. Many famous drug addicts have become homosexuals.

It has been scientifically proven, that drugs use can considerably alter and degenerate the sexual genes. One of the consequences of drug abuse is the offspring of “monster” children, both psychically and organically as a result of negative genetic mutations. 

We knew the case of a drug addict whose son was monkeylike, looked like a monster and finally died.The child of another drug addict was deformed, mongoloid, looked like a monster because he had no waist and limbs were attached to the trunk. His parents confessed that they usually had sexual intercourse while being drugged. All of these cases involving physical and psychological monsters that occur nowadays are the patent and negative results of unnatural sexual and psychedelic combinations.A drugged man who climbs a tower in a city with a rifle, just with the sole purpose of killing passing by people is a psychic and paranoid monster.


DRUGS drain the vital or magnetic aura that energizes the physical body ; this effect lowers the defenses against disease causing fatigue and premature aging.

The terrible consequences of drug use makes the drug addict to become a sadic and criminal who commits  barbaric acts against society. Drugged youngs have raped their mothers, have violated children, have committed horrifying crimes, have set out fires, have murdered their own mothers and their homes have become living hells.

Mother suffering for drugsMothers, to whom we all owe love and worship, takes the most suffering and heartbreak when a loved children sinks into drug addiction.

Often behind the drug addict is hidden a sadist, murderer, sexual psychopath, drug dealer, etc. In Orihueca, Magdalena (Colombia), a drugged young male attacked his father and afterwards he slaughtered a whole family of four people wih a machete, raping a girl of 11 who he later killed.


Drug addicts usually do not like to work, they like living at the expense of others. When they do not get money to buy drugs, they seek to rob within his own house, at first those things that go unnoticed; then, as they loose their moral values and further degenerate, end up stealing whatever necessary, whether TV sets, radios, and even the most unusual stuff. They steal anything that they can to support their addiction. In Orihueca, Magdalena (Colombia), a drugged young male attacked his father and afterwards he slaughtered a whole family of four people wih a machete, raping a girl of 11 who he later killed.

As time goes by, drug addicts become what is known in Colombia as "social disposables", that is to say, nasty people who do not care whether they bath or not, whether walking dressed or naked or foul, shaved or unshaved, either wearing shoes or wandering on bare foot.

.: How to quit drugs?

Drugs permeate all strata of society. Great "personalities" are or were drug addicts, people who have occupied high offices and positions. Some have died as a result of this vice.

Unfortunately and further to the problem that aid to drug users is very superficial, science has now created a major barrier to the recovery of drug addicts, because we see how some psychologists and physicians,  say sincerely but erroneously that drug addiction is a disease that causes chemical changes in the brain and that, likewise alcoholism, is an INCURABLE DISEASE.

Problems at homeThe trascendental wisdom which can be achieved by studying and practicing the Gnostic science, allows us to demonstrate that drug addicts are not ill persons, as erroneously claimed, but they are rather people who exhibit mistaken psychological behaviors expressed through their thoughts, feelings and acts. 

Through special techniques of psychoanalysis as taught by Gnosis, every human being can eliminate and get rid of those wrong psychological states that drive us to make painful mistakes in life and become a victim of circumstances, often ending in a prison, a hospital and even in a cemetery.


We believe that the best help that can be given to youth is to carry out prevention campaigns with simple counseling to each child so that they  can get aware of the crude reality of drugs, thus helping them to keep from sinking into this fatal vice.

Neither science with its progress, nor governments, nor any person have found the right answer to solve the problem of illegal drugs use. Young people have been the biggest victims of illegal drugs and have fallen into it because of their ignorance and unawareness that drug use destroys not just the physical body but also the spiritual SOUL. 


Unfortunate One who dies without knowing the reason its existence 

V.M Samael Aun Weor

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