La clave para ser sabio siempre se basa en el conocimiento de uno mismo..


Aprender a manejar esa maravillosa energía del sexo significa convertirse en un maestro de la creación...


La ley del karma es la ley que vincula de manera sabia e inteligente el efecto con la causa. Todo lo bueno o malo que hemos hecho en cualquiera de nuestras vidas traerá consecuencias buenas o malas para ésta o próximas existencias...


La humanidad está viviendo momentos muy difíciles. El hombre se ha olvidado de "sí mismo" y se compromete en errores, cuyas consecuencias son el dolor y las enfermedades...


San Pablo nos dice en la Biblia: "Y hay cuerpos celestiales, y cuerpos terrenales..." Tenemos prácticas para que usted vea cuando su alma sale de su cuerpo





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Abortion: Methods and Consequences
Say no to abortion

This page is about different types of abortion practiced nowadays, including those by contraceptives. It is also presented, a set of frightful photos of abortions by suction aspiration, salt poisoning, Dilatation or Curettage, Caesarian, etc.

El aborto no es un derecho, es un asesinato.

Fear as a consequence of lack of money, being worried what other people might think, confronting the nine months of pregnancy and the responsibility are the main causes of abortion.

Parents are psychologically affected by abortion during a long period of time. 
Juddy Mamaou, in the United States, who was done an abortion by suction said: "the sound of the emptiness machine still persecutes me. I cannot use a vacuum cleaner without thinking about my abortion".



Currently, it is estimated 50 millions of abortions a year in the whole world, 50 millions of crimes. Humanity had never lived such a barbarism and degeneration age.


Ways to do abortions. 

The abortionist first paralyzes the cervix (womb opening). He then inserts a hollow plastic tube with a knife-like tip into the uterus. The tube is connected to a powerful pump with a suction force 29 times more powerful than a home vacuum cleaner.

The procedure tears the baby's body into pieces and the hose frequently jerks as pieces of the baby become lodged. The placenta is then cut from the inner wall of the uterus and the scraps are sucked out into a bottle. As the baby head can't pass through the tube, it is introduced into the womb an instrument that compresses the little head and then takes it out.

Salt Poisoning (saline injection). 
Most often used after the first trimester (first three months). The abortionist injects a strong salt solution directly into the amniotic sac (fluid surrounding the baby). The baby breathes and swallows it, is poisoned, struggles, and sometimes convulses. It takes over an hour to kill the baby. The mother delivers the dead baby in a day or two (sometimes alive!).


Why "candy apple" babies? The corrosive effect of the salt solution often burns and strips away the outer layer of the baby's skin. This exposes the raw, red, glazed-looking subcutaneous layer of tissue. The baby's head sometimes looks like a candy apple. Some have also likened this method to the effect of napalm on innocent war victims. This technique was originally developed in the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Read about Gianna Jessen, who survived a salt poisoning abortion.

Hormonal contraceptives. (Abortive).  
Precocious and unnoticed abortion can happen in 50% or more of the menstrual cycles of women who are t
aking low doses of contraceptives. With the combined tablet, the abortion can happen once every two years. That is, a woman who takes contraceptives or uses injections is aborting in such a percentage.

Prostaglandin Abortions
Three forms, two are injected and one is a vaginal suppository.

Its first approved use was for "the induction of midtrimester abortion." The hormone produces a violent labor and delivery of whatever size baby the mother carries. If the baby is old enough to survive the trauma of labor, it may be born alive, but is usually too small to survive. In one article, among the complications listed was "live birth!". 

A drug that produces an abortion taken after the mother misses her period. Its effect is to block the use of an essential hormonal nutrient by the newly-implanted baby, who then dies, and drops off. Note that RU-486 is not a contraceptive because it does not prevent fertilization or implantation. It is used only after the mother has missed her period and the baby is at least two to three weeks old, with a beating heart (the fetal heart begins to beat when the woman is four days late for her period).


It is no longer effective after six or eight weeks. See The Abortion Cocktail article. Read how Methotrexate - one of the drugs contained in RU486 - can cause liver damage, kidney destruction, heart muscle compromise, pulmonary failure, gastrointestinal pathology, and bone marrow suppression. It has also been reported to cause loss of speech function, strokes, and convulsions.

Dilatation or Curettage. 
Uncommon today and used during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. This is similar to the suction procedure except that the abortionist inserts a curette, a loop-shaped steel knife up into the uterus. He then cuts the placenta and baby into pieces and scrapes them out into a basin. Bleeding is usually profuse. 


This method is usually used late in pregnancy and is likened to an "early" Caesarian section. The mother's abdomen and uterus are surgically opened and the baby is lifted out. Unfortunately, many of these babies are very much alive when removed. To kill the babies, some abortionists have been known to plunge them into buckets of water or smother them with the placentas. Still others cut the cord while the baby is still inside the uterus depriving the baby of oxygen. See some hysterotomy abortion photo (click on the images to enlarge)

Intrauterine device (Abortive). 
It is a device of several forms that is placed within the uterus. It does not avoid conception but modifies the internal coating of the uterus in such a form that the developing baby who comes from the Fallopian tube, cannot be implanted and dies, His remains are later eliminated through menstruation.

Science has widely shown that abortion, implies many dangerous risks like hemorrhages, infections, uterus perforations, clots, adhesion of placenta, etc. Sterility increases in a 10%. Premature birth that is a main cause of mental retardation, is drastically increased with abortion.

.: Causes of abortion.

The main problem of the abortion is psychological and is fear:


pies pequeños

Fear for Financial difficulty to raise the child. This is a consequence of lack of confidence in God since the most beautiful and desired for a mother should be her own son. Unfortunately this consumer and false values society we all are living in, has devalued the baby who must come to this world and with its rationalism has created a false fear. Let us see a great example: Kay James, a Public Relations Officer for PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT in the United States speaks of a terribly poor black woman, who was ditched by her alcoholic husband, who had his fourth baby on a table. "I was that baby", says Mrs. James who is graduated at the University and mother of 3 children.


Fear to what people or parents might think or say. (When getting pregnant during the engagement). Actually, human concepts and reasonings, including those of parents or third parties must not prevent a creature from coming to this world. Life is given by God and God is above all concept.

say No to abortion

"I was going to be the seventh son and my mother was determined not to let to me be born. Then something wonderful happened. My aunt made her change her mind and that's why I could be born. It could be said that I am a miracle ". Arthur Rubenstein, pianist.

Fear to the 9 months of pregnancy and to the pain during the labor.
 Actually, the greatest mission of every woman, is to be mother and to bring children to the world. If animals that are irrational do not deny this right, Why is the woman going to be scared, if it is a natural function that corresponds to her feminine nature?

Health problems. 
Let's remember Beethoven's case, the great musician who astonished with his divine music, and who is still listened by those who want to give food and breath to their soul; His mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis and his father was alcoholic.

Rape is a horrible abuse with traumatic effects for many of its victims. For a woman who carries in her entrails a creature fruit of a rape is not helpful at all, to know that pregnancy rarely happens in these cases. Nevertheless, Should we make an innocent creature pay for his father's crime?

A raped woman who wrote anonymously to a magazine, said that she had an appointment to be done an abortion but canceled it. "I knew that what I had in my entrails was my baby. Now I have a daughter, a precious girl. I thank God daily for not to have aborted".

Hormonal contraceptives.
 A Woman who takes either tablets, injections or implants, has certainly determined not to have a child and if she gets pregnant then she feels frustrated in her intentions and often she resorts to abortion. These contraceptives are one of the main causes of abortion nowadays.

As a matter of fact, abortion, contraceptives, Fallopian tubes surgery is causing, death, diseases and pain. For more information click here!

Our point of view. 
Gnosis and Anael Center, invite you to sign up for our free courses in which spiritual preparation with respect to the mysteries of life and death is offered. To sign up for the course in Gnostic Science, click here!

We are teaching the perfect method for conception control, this is known as KRIYA YOGA. After psychological and spiritual preparation we can teach you about it. For more information about Yoga techniques for birth control, click here!

We are also teaching techniques and keys for each human being to know himself, their defects, studying, understanding and eliminating them, so that humanity could have a better life and love could reign everywhere.

Did you know that each human being has a body and a soul and that they are united by a silver cord? Did you Know that when a human being is about dying, an angel of death is given an order by God to cut the silver cord that unites the body with the soul? This soul is judged and must return like inhabitant of the Earth to this valley of tears; it is then when an angel of life connects the silver cord to the head of a fecundating sperm and that soul returns in a new body.

The Earth laws have legalized the abortion, but this will never be legal before God and its laws.
 Actually, human life begins with the ovule fertilization stage and nobody is authorized to take the life of that developing human being.

Me sentí la peor persona del mundo.

Tengo 20 años, mi nombre es Tatiana, estoy estudiando en universidad. Estuve embarazada hace 8 meses, tenía mi enamorado, cuando me enteré que estaba embarazada el miedo me invadió porque estoy en la universidad, mi padre no lo entendería. Una parte de mí se sentía confundida, el día que fui al doctor a realizarme la prueba, estaba nerviosa, sentí algo dentro de mi, lo sentí, fue la primera vez que lo sentí, sentí su corazoncito latiendo rápidamente como si quisiera que yo no me enterara que estaba ahí.

...tiene vida, igual que yo...

Los felicito por esta página, ya que estoy embarazada y soy menor de edad. De primero quería abortar por miedo a decepcionar a mis padres, pero es aún más horrible lo que acabo de ver. Yo quería tomar pastillas o algo así, pero lo que hay dentro también tiene vida, igual que yo, y sé que también sufriría. Como si yo le diera la vida y luego se la arrebatara cruelmente. Gracias por hacerme entender esta situación tan crítica, creo que merece vivir y que no tiene la culpa de nuestros errores. Gracias, mil gracias.

...no hay excusa que valga para matar una vida...

Qué horror! ¿cómo pueden haber médicos abortistas en el mundo? no entiendo cómo se les puede hacer tan fácil matar una vida, cómo nosotras las mujeres no pensamos, ¿acaso no les duele saber que están matando a su propio hijo? palabra de Dios que no entiendo a las mujeres que hacen esto, no tienen perdón de Dios, ¿por qué cuando tenemos hijos con amor los cuidamos tanto y cuando salen producto de una violación pensamos en morir o matar a nuestro hijo? les voy a contar una experiencia que me pasó y se llama así: dolor, felicidad, duelo y conformidad.

Ya no puedo tener hijos!!! ;(

Les quiero contar la pesadilla que viví... tenía 16 años cuando me embaracé de un chavo que conocí en una fiesta, no era mi novio ni nada, esa noche bebimos mucho. Al mes me enteré que estaba embarazada, lo primero que se me vino a la mente fue practicarme un aborto (la peor decisión de mi vida) y del chavo... la verdad no sé ni su nombre. Mis padres no me apoyaron cuando les dije de mi situación, eso me deprimió más y decidí abortar... ¡fue horrible!, el doctor me lastimó mucho y ...

...todavía estoy sangrando...

Me realicé un aborto hace 4 semanas, todavía estoy sangrando, botando coágulos de mediano tamaño, pero hace 3 días que siento una náusea leve, quisiera saber si el aborto fue incompleto o qué me pasa.

"El que comprende tiene alas."


...Dios jamás nos abandona...

Me gustaría compartir con ustedes la serie de sucesos que me han hecho pensar que Dios jamás nos abandona. Estoy embarazada con solo mes y medio. Al darme cuenta de eso, lo primero que pensé fue en abortar, pues mi relación no es estable y mi situación económica y familiar tampoco. Primero acudí a un médico, el cual me dio un precio bastante alto por practicarme el legrado; empecé a conseguir el dinero, en cuanto lo tuve, fui a ver al médico decidida a abortar y ¿cuál fue mi sorpresa? que había salido fuera de la ciudad.

...gracias a ella mi vida tiene sentido...

Soy de Venezuela, mi historia es la siguiente: al igual que muchas chicas jóvenes y precoces, inicié mi vida sexual a los 16 años. No sé por qué razón no salí embarazada desde esa edad y eso que era irresponsable con aquello de los métodos anticonceptivos. Sin embargo, el novio que tenía se preocupaba por cuidarme, a él sólo le interesaba el sexo. Al poco tiempo me dí cuenta que yo era su juego, su pasatiempo.

…estoy viviendo una muerte en mi conciencia…

Tengo 14 años de edad. Hace unos 6 meses, si no me equivoco, cuando tenía 13 años, quedé embarazada de mi novio, en mi primera relación. Mis padres no me dejaban tener novio, pero sin embargo, no me importó y tuve uno a escondidas de ellos. Cuando quedé en embarazo no supe qué hacer, soy apenas una niña. Le mencioné sobre esto a una buena amiga, ella me dijo que podría abortar, yo le dije que era lo correcto. Fui a un hospital y me dijeron que tenía que ir con un mayor de edad para poder hacer la succión.

...¡necesito ayudaaaa…!, ¡no me quiero morir!...

Yo quisiera saber con respecto al aborto, yo lo hice y de verdad ¡siento un miedo terrible!, lo hice hace 1 mes más o menos y ahora las consecuencias: me siento distinta, de vez en cuando (inter-diario) me bajan chorros de sangre y ahora en la noche me vino un chorro caliente que ni lo sentí, porque uno a veces suele sentir cuando le baja, pero esta vez nada, lo sentí ya cuando me había manchado, ¡necesito ayudaaaa…!, ¡no me quiero morir!, ¡que alguien me ayude por favorrrrrrr! ¡ojalá me escriban, estoy desesperada!, ¡no sé qué hacer! 

Desde ese momento no soy feliz...

Hola amigas... Voy a compartir lo que me pasó: estuve enamorada de un hombre que no valía la pena, pero que para mí lo era todo... hasta que salí embarazada y sólo tenía 19 años y él me dijo que abortara... Y yo lo hice porque ambos estábamos estudiando y él me dijo que no le perjudique en sus estudios. Y lo hice y ese momento para mí era normal. Pero cuando fui al doctor ahí empezó mi calvario: aborté de 2 meses... Y al ver cómo estaba en pedacitos su cuerpecito, me puse a llorar... y en ese momento pensé que mi vida ya no tenía sentido... y desde ese momento no puedo ser feliz.

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