La clave para ser sabio siempre se basa en el conocimiento de uno mismo..


Aprender a manejar esa maravillosa energía del sexo significa convertirse en un maestro de la creación...


La ley del karma es la ley que vincula de manera sabia e inteligente el efecto con la causa. Todo lo bueno o malo que hemos hecho en cualquiera de nuestras vidas traerá consecuencias buenas o malas para ésta o próximas existencias...


La humanidad está viviendo momentos muy difíciles. El hombre se ha olvidado de "sí mismo" y se compromete en errores, cuyas consecuencias son el dolor y las enfermedades...


San Pablo nos dice en la Biblia: "Y hay cuerpos celestiales, y cuerpos terrenales..." Tenemos prácticas para que usted vea cuando su alma sale de su cuerpo





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Masturbation consequences

.: Is masturbation harmful?

Pareja de enamorados.

Like affective-spiritual function, Freud affirms that sex is the product of the union of a man and a woman who love and complement each other.

That's why, Freud calls masturbation The SOLITARY VICE (because the other person does not exist but in imagination). The masturbating one imagines a woman if he is man, and vice versa if she is woman and masturbate in the name of him/her. Exhaustion is multiplied, because it is sexual and cerebral. That image of the woman is impregnated in the subconscious mind and revived during the unconscious process of dream, originating the involuntary NOCTURNAL POLLUTIONS, that is, the more a person masturbates the more nocturnal pollutions he will have.

Masturbation as a solitary vice stimulate EROTIC FANTASY which produces trought time women rejection (or viceversa), brain exhaustion and sexual impotence.

SAMAEL AUN WEOR affirms in chapter "Normal Sexuality" of his book PERFECT MATRIMONY: "Sexual fantasy produces impotence of a psychosexual type. People with that kind of illness have normal erections; they are apparently normal men, but in the moment in which they try to connect the penis and the vulva, the erection abates making the phallus fall, leaving the man in the most horrible state of desperation. They have lived in sexual fantasy and when they really find themselves facing the crude sexual reality which has nothing to do with fantasy, they become confused and are unable to properly respond to reality".

Psycho-sexual impotence is the worst tragedy that men, fanatic women or reasoning people can suffer. 

Fornication is not only physical but also can occur on the mental and astral worlds, some people are used to talk about lust, others read pornography on magazines, go to the movies for erotic and passionate films, people spend lots of reserves of sexual energy. Those persons use the most delicate and fine material of sex in their brutal metal passions, spending it miserably. Human being must learn to live sexually.


The external temperature of the human body is 98°F, but the internal is 100°F and this increases with masturbation.


When the adolescent finishes masturbating, a peristaltic movement of absorption takes place and by effect of the emptiness, the seminal vesicle tries to fill and humid air is absorbed through the penis which is later absorbed from the seminal vesicle to the lymphatic system, arriving at the brain producing a thermal shock and cold spaces between the cerebral neurons and cells and this affects cerebral, physical and nervous normality.


Seminal vesicle could absorb sperms instead of air, but this is not possible because sperms have already been expelled; besides, it is easier to suck air than liquid Concerning this cold air absorbed by the masturbating one, SAMAEL AUN WEOR, philosopher, anthropologist, esoteric scholar, sexologist and contemporary psychologist, in the chapter "Sexology" of his book DIDACTIC OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE, affirms: "Concerning masturbating ones, you certainly know what the vice of masturbation is. When somebody masturbates, is committing a crime against nature. After entity of semen has been ejaculated, it remains such a peristaltic movement in the phallus, this is known by every man. When masturbating, cold air is absorbed by the phallus with the peristaltic movement. This goes later to the brain, therefore many cerebral faculties are exhausted. Innumerable men have become insane because of the abominable vice of masturbation. A full air brain is a stupid brainin a one hundred percent. So, we condemned this vice in a one hundred percent".


.: Consequences during puberty.

Sperms contain DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), carrier of the heredity genetic code and determinative for the sexual aspect; RNA (Ribonucleic Acid), enzymes, proteins, glucosides, lecithin, calcium, phosphorus, biological salts, testosterone, etc. when masturbation is carried out, all of these components are extracted from the organism which does not allow a normal development when is during adolescence, because this same energy is the one that is going to help him/her to develop.

La masturbación agota el calcio en el organismo.

Masturbation exhausts the calcium of the organism causing pains in the bones and fatigue in the legs. Strong bones indicate virility. It is known that red cells and platelets are formed in the bony marrow. The masturbating adolescent does not allow a good formation of his/her bony marrow and this brings consequences to him/her for the rest of life. When exhausting the phosphorus by masturbation, nervous problems and tremors are generated. With masturbation lecithin is exhausted too, and this generates nervous exhaustion, that is a general lethargy of nerves.

Doctor Spitake, American anatomical notable specialized in psychiatry and who was president of the Neurological Society of New York, in his book "Creator Energy", says that several types of madness are generated for sexual abuse and masturbation, since the brain is compounded mainly of lecithin and when losing it in the seminal unloading, the organism must use tissue and brain nerves instead.

La masturbación produce eyaculación precoz

When the young masturbates, he doesn't care about the time and loses his sexual energy very fast. This generates PREMATURE EJACULATION on a psychological level. In addition, masturbation produces expansion of the sphincters which increases even more the PREMATURE EJACULATION.


In each ejaculation a man loses from 300 to 400 millions of spermatozoa with their great capacity of energy. What could a human being do if he knew the mystery of the philosophical stone and learned how to release this energy of sperms within his own organism? The result would certainly be the superman.

Prostate Inflammation

The prostate is a gland located exactly at the bladder neck, this secretes an off-white and viscous liquid that serves as vehicle for sperms. This gland normally completes its development at the age of 21. When a person starts masturbating before completing his development (21 in men), the prostate is atrophied and this originates prostitis when being on the forties, that is the enlargement of this gland which prevents from urinating and obligates to use a catheter. Later on, he must be operated and this gland is extirpated. This operation as well as vasectomy generates SEXUAL IMPOTENCE. 

Los hijos de un masturbador se enferman fácilmente.

Children from a masturbating father are not healthy at all, they have many problems because they are the product of a very worn-out seed.

Masturbation also occurs in women and this is something painful and cruel. Masturbation generates SEXUAL IMPOTENCE and premature aging. It is known of many impotent men before the 40's.

Melatonin is the hormone of eternal youth, director and absolute governor of the aging process. It is widely produced during youth and its production decreases after 25 years. 

Young masturbating people exhaust the melatonin, atrophying the pineal gland which diminishes their magnetic field and take them through a fast process of aging. 

Masturbation also occurs in women and this is something painful and cruel. As in men, female masturbation brings similar consequences. The brain development is affected, as well as the nervous system. It can also occurs: Sexual frigidity, physical exhaustion; memory, vitality and magnetism loss. he worst consequences occur in the sexual and psycho-social behaviour. Her sexual drive is less and less and she finally ends up rejecting man. On the other hand, when a young woman does not masturbate, she keeps her vitality, beauty, magnetism, strength and good pitch in her voice, etc. 
You should avoid watching pornography and participating in dirty conversations. You should always choose having healthy friends.

Masturbation produces SEXUAL IMPOTENCE and premature aging. Many men before 40 are impotent today because of masturbation.

In his book FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION, in the chapter "Adolescence", Samael Aun Weor says: "There are criminal silences and there are also disgraceful words. To keep to ourselves the sexual problem is a crime. To talk about it mistakenly is also a crime ".

"Vice of masturbation totally ruins the brain's potency. It is necessary to know of an intimate relation between semen and brain. It is necessary to semen the brain and to brain the semen. To semen the brain is possible by transmuting the sexual energy, sublimating it, turning it into brain's potency. In this form we can semen the brain and brain the semen".

"Gnostic Science studies endocrinology in depth and teaches methods and systems to transmute the sexual energies. How many faces that could have been beautiful fade away! How many brains are degenerated! Everything by lack of a warning shout in the right moment".
"Vice of masturbation, as much in young men as in young ladies has become commoner than washing hands. Mental hospitals are full of men and women who ruined their brain with the sickening vice of masturbation. Mental hospitals are the destiny of masturbating people"


.: How can I stop masturbating?

First of all, we are pleasant to let you know that many masturbating young guys have come to our Gnostic Center and all of them have been over masturbation. Why not you?

You must learn how to eliminate that self of masturbation with the techniques taught in our sectionAwaking conscience. Haven't you read them yet? Well, finish reading these articles and go reading them...

Learn these techniques and use them whenever the self of masturbation is trying to act through your mind, body, etc. At first, it might be a little difficult, but then it will turn into something easy to control. You will be able to eliminate this vice. When somebody who masturbates over and over stops doing it, a great deal of mental and physical energy is felt and this encourages and helps the person to quit masturbating, facing up to reality with no fear.

For those interested in learning our techniques of sexual transmutation for single people, please visit the page The Egyptian Pranayama (Practice to avoid nocturnal pollutions).


  • Practice healthy habits: Avoid porn, dirty jokes, unhealthy friends, lustful groping, etc.

  • Don't wear tight underpants.
  • Do not overeat beef, mainly at supper. (eating one animal protein a day during lunch might be enough).
  • Study our web sites about sex, read carefully all the articles: Understanding all of this is very important...
  • I invite you to sign up for our free online course. Through it, you will learn psychological techniques that must be used in order to eliminate the masturbation defect from both psychical and physical point of view. I can honestly tell you that we have helped many disciples this way.

Masturbador exhibicionista...

Debo aceptar que me da mucha pena lo que voy a comentar sobre mi vida sexual, pero les aseguro es completamente verídica. Cuanto tiempo ciego, cuanto tiempo culpando a mis padres, cuanto tiempo enojándome con mi esposa para mantenerla lejos de mi y así poder masturbarme y exhibirme en publico, hasta me divorcie de ella y me volví a casar con ella misma al comprender que el error era mío. Cuántas veces quedarme sin dinero para poder pagar a los policías su complicidad de dejarme libre, pues debo anotar que nadie de mi familia y nadie en general de mis conocidos, se enteraron ni se han enter

Sufro de impotencia sexual absoluta

Soy un hombre de 25 años de edad.Desde los 15 años me empecé a masturbar, sin darme cuenta entré a uno de los peores vicios del hombre del cual no he podido salir.Actualmente sufro de Impotencia sexual absoluta, no seque hacer, no se a donde ir, tengo rabia e ira conmigo mismo, porque siendo tan joven no puedo tener una vida sexual plena con una mujer.Tengo ganas de acabar por completo con mi vida porque siento que no he disfrutado del sexo como debe ser.Quien este leyendo este mensaje, por favor ayúdeme a salir de este laberinto en que me encuentro y díganme si mi problema tiene solución.

…logré regenerarme de toda esta malicia...

…logré regenerarme de toda esta malicia...¡Hola hermanos de la Gnosis! de antemano quiero darles las gracias a ustedes ya que los cursos de Gnosis me han servido para cambiar mi vida, la vida que anteriormente estaba despilfarrando sin motivo y sin razón... gracias a DIOS encontré en un periódico que mi padre me regaló, la maravillosa dirección del Centro Gnóstico Anael... en el cual no me hice esperar y de inmediato me acerqué para escuchar las conferencias...

Se me hizo muy difícil dejar de hacerlo

¡Hola qué tal! Hace unos años encontré ésta página de casualidad cuando me encontraba buscando información sobre las consecuencias de la masturbación, y me siento muy afortunado de haberla encontrado y agradecido de que existan páginas como estas. Cuando comencé a buscar esa información fue porque no me sentía bien y yo presentía que lo que a mi me pasaba era por causa de la masturbación, y cuando leí la información que se presenta en ésta página, realmente me di cuenta que si era por eso y me sentí muy mal, desesperado, no sabía qué hacer, como tal vez a muchos les ha pasado.

... Quisiera saber cómo recuperar todo lo que he perdido…

Para estar seguro del buen sentido, es necesario ir lejos de la ciencia, porque ella se ha vuelto peligrosa. Muchos sitios en internet dicen que para la salud y el bienestar, la masturbación es una virtud medicinal, esto con fines capitalistas, en detrimento de los valores humanos y de la salud. Es por eso que la verdad ha sido siempre perseguida y muerta. Estos “científicos” me han animado en esta práctica inmoral, animal y peligrosa.

No hay caminos para la Paz, la Paz es el camino. 


joven solicita ayuda...

Hola... Tengo 21 años y me masturbo desde los 12; todo empezó por ignorancia, me masturbaba y no sabía que era, ni que lo que hacía se llamaba así,...Soy un joven que nació en un hogar cristiano, siempre busqué servir y agradar a Dios, y alejarme de los vicios y del pecado.Nunca cedí a la presión de grupo de tomar o fumar, y claro... tampoco pensaba en tener relaciones sexuales,... pero caí en la masturbación, sin saber qué era y que era malo,...

Mensaje a los chicos...

Hola: Yo a diferencia de los que escriben no tengo ningún problema al respecto de la masturbación; soy mas bien receptora del daño que una persona que padece ese problema.Soy una mujer divorciada de 33 años, estoy actualmente estudiando otra carrera (entré a la universidad para aligerar un poco el dolor de la separación y ahora tras un año, estoy ya muy bien), ahí conocí a un chico de 28 años con el que estoy saliendo y quien padece un problema sexual relacionado con la masturbación, no me atrevería a decir que es impotencia, porque algún día tuvo una erección, sin embargo esta situación h

... él no reconoce que tiene problemas de adicción

Mi seudónimo es Maria, tengo 30 años. Quiero comentarles mi historia: comencé con esto de la masturbación como a los 5 años, ya que un familiar de mi papá me tocó mis genitales y me gustó. Lo seguí haciendo porque lo consideré una gracia y además me gustaba, lo hacía 2 ó 3 veces por semana. Reconozco que tenía una vida social pésima, tenía problemas de concentración, etc. Pero tiempo después de que me casé y me convertí en madre, me di cuenta de que fui victima de abuso y toda la consecuencia que esto trajo. Además, estoy casada desde hace 6 años y mi pareja es un masturbador de primera.

¿Cómo recupero mi energía perdida?

¿Cómo recupero mi energía perdida? ¡Hola! Me masturbo desde que tenia 18 años. Ahora, tengo 30 y soy soltero. Pero aún adicto de ésto. Ahora tengo un montón de problemas con respecto a mi salud mental y sexual. Estoy muy débil y estoy envejecido cuando me comparo con otros de mi edad. La mitad de mi barba está gris, la cual generalmente comienza a ponerse gris en la edad de 40.

Comencé a tratar de parar la adicción a los 16 años pero en verdad que era dificil...

Por medio de la presente me dirijo a ustedes con el fin de contarles mi caso y poder recibir por parte de ustedes orientación y mucha ayuda.  Primero que todo quiero felicitarlos por tan buena e importante página.  La he visitado por un motor de búsqueda como Altavista.com  La variedad de temas que tienen son muy buenos y de gran interés.  Pero principalmente me ha causado gran interés y expectativa el tema sobre el sexo y es que uno de mis tantos problemas es el sexo.  Así que me alegra saber que también en Internet se pueden conseguir páginas tan lucrativas, instructivas y de gran ayuda

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