The key to be wise is always based on the knowledge of one's self


Learning how to manage that marvelous energy of sex means become a master of creation


The law of karma is the law that links in a wise and intelligent manner the effect with its cause. Everything good or bad that we have done in any of our lives will bring good or bad consequences for this or coming existences.


The humanity is living very difficult moments. 

The man has forgotten of “himself” and commits mistakes, which consequences are the pain and diseases.


St. Paul tells us in the Bible: "You possess fleshly body and spiritual body." We have Practices for yourself to see your soul leave the body ...

Area Testimonials

Anael The Gnostic Centre is working hard for the sake of humanity, help us to help many souls who are subject in the world of ignorance and pain! Drop your testimony!

  • Bolivia


    I want to tell you my case. I am a law student and have four more semesters to complete my studies.About two years and four months ago I got pregnant. That was a beautiful girl that I brought into life to this world. It never crossed my mind the abortion, even though the father of my daughter abandoned me.But some time after, I felt in love and got pregnant; I though I was going to start a new family but at the end I realized he was a married man. It was late for a regular abortion, so I got a micro cesarean section. When they finished the surgery, I heard a baby crying. When I opened my eyes there was nothing there. Two hours after the operation the nurse told me my baby was still moaning. My soul felt broke, I lived the most horrible nightmare. I regretted what I had just done and asked my baby to be taken to an incubator to try to save her, but I realized that my repentance came too late, my baby girl died at 3 a.m.That happened almost a month ago. There is no one day that I forget the face of my daughter, her little hands, and I felt horrified when I think the way she suffered having neither oxygen, nor the warm of a mother.I must tell that I buried her and gave her the name of ANGELA ELIONOR. I don’t know if one day I will forgive myself for what I did, but I can say that I deeply repent and see in my daughter a baby that I killed and didn’t deserve to die.

  • ...


    I am really desperate; I am feeling physically bad and nevertheless cigarette is the only thing I think at any moment. It has trapped me and no matter how hard I reflect on the damage that produces to me, I cannot quit this noxious vice. My request is if you can help me to quit smoking. Please, I promise that I will follow your instructions.

  • Colombia


    I am 15 years old and I was pregnant from my boyfriend. Why I say “I was”? Because I kill him or her…Maybe many of you think it is a bit cruel to say it like that, but it is the truth. As a woman one thinks about having to live a bit more; if something is happening to us is because of someone who appeared one day, but it is not like that. I have for three days felt the biggest pain that I woman can feel. When I realized I was pregnant, I decided to “finish” the situation, because I didn’t have enough strength to face a situation like that, and I still feel I don’t have that kind of strength. I am a young woman with a future ahead of me; maybe some time from now I will regret this, but for the moment being I think I made the right decision. NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR: It is sad to consider right a decision to start a life taking before God’s eyes the death of a creature that is your own. The material success can’t be reached with death upfront of you, with the sacrifice of a child. Unfortunately in these times of most cruel materialism, passion is mistaken as love, and after the pleasure it comes the suffering.

  • Perú


    My husband drinks once or twice a week usually drinking for two or three straight days, not going to his job when he feels bad and making us to live anxious fearing that something bad can happen to him. Every week he promises that he will change, but when he goes out to work and if he is offered a drink he forgets everything and gets back home drunk and sick, to the point of being unable to walk , wets the bed and wants to go out again and keep drinking. We always made plans to move forward and can not, because I get upset. We were separated for a while, then he returned but not to live as a married couple until he really changes his behaviour but he told me he had already changed and now the situation is worse, sometimes disappearing for a week and staying dirty, unkempt. He says he is willing to withdraw but when he sees any liquor he can not help it. I have told him that I do not want him to live with us anymore , then he cries and begs for help and I do not know what to do. I said to him that I was going to live with another man, because I can not live like this anymore. We have a son and do not want him to continue seeing this picture of his father but just a good example of a solid home, not the one that is dragging us all these years. During the time he stayed off he would not give any money and was just dedicated to drinks, friends and girlfriends. I really do not know what to do!. 

  • Colombia


    Hi! I am a simple college student full of problems who sometimes feels himself alone. I have concentration problems thanks to the vices of alcohol and cigar. I began with these vices when I was only 15 years old, now I am 19 and I don't know what to do; my life has become a complete disaster. I am an active drinker who likes drink every weekend and I don't know what to do to stop myself of doing this; I have tried to go to Alcoholics Anonymous but it is very difficult for me to adapt to their rules and I fall again in the alcohol. Please help me! I am getting crazy with all my problems and vices. Please give me your advice as soon as possible!

  • ...


    HI, I want to comment and to thank for this page. Continue doing this great JOB and the blessing GOD BLESS you. I'm gland in heart because of this page, I have learned many things in Life. Now, I know that if it happens, if I fall pregnant, it is better to give birth than to kill my own blood and the gift that comes from God. I hope many girls and women can stop doing abortion because to me is a sin unto God and HE is not happy with it. Now I'm living because my mom didn't abort me, I think of how is nice to be loved and how is nice to have someone who loves you. The love that we are getting from our parents, the one that the unborn baby needs. So let's stop killing and let's give others a chance to live as you're living. I THANK YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND MY SOUL BECAUSE THIS IS THE INFORMATION I WANTED TO KNOW ALL ALONG.YOUR FRIEND.

  • ...


    I really thank you for your fight against the slaughtering that's going on today. It really grieves and angers me that there's people who actually promote this torture of a living breathing human being that can already feel pain. Please, tell me how can I do my part to help stop this. I am my self an abortion survivor in 1981. CHILDREN have been slaughtered ever since the beginning when Pharow slaughtered the first born Israelites and Herod slaughtered children to get to Jesus. Every time before God makes an eminent move, children are always killed. Keep up the great work and God bless you.

  • Estados Unidos


    I was 28 years old. I had a 5 year old and 1 year old daughter. This pregnancy would have been my third baby. My boyfriend was in rehab and would be there for sometime. My world looked to close down. How was I supposed to provide for these babies?  I decided to have an abortion, which I have regretted every single day. It is true that it takes something from you. You are no longer the same person and never will you forget it. You will always wonder what the baby would look like, was it a boy or a girl, and every passing year you tell yourself, my baby would be ---this old now. It is nothing but regret every single day. I tell you this from my experience... If you are considering abortion... Don't do it. If I had seen these pictures 14 years ago, when I aborted my baby...I would have not done it, because I couldn't see my baby being torn into pieces like these babies. Please reconcider.

  • Colombia


    I am 46 years old. I began to suffer asthma, rhinitis allergic and allergies to some foods. During my infancy and my teens these frequent asthma attacks unable me to attend classes and perform any kind of physical activity because this disease is highly incapacitating. In that period of time, I was in two occasions under immunotherapy treatments, which are a series of shots of synthetic immunoglobulin (clobiatamin). This therapy was innocuous and useless because the synthetic immunoglobulin in order to increase the immune system atrophies it by atrophying the ability of the organism to produce its own immunoglobulin. My situation turned worse when at the age of 18 I started in the terrible vice of smoking, which in addition to increase the frequency and length of my attacks, I had a permanent cold. By that time I was treated with antihistamines that cause damage to the liver and the dangerous corticoids that produced liquid retention and an appearance of false fatness. Also the corticoids generated osteoporosis and degenerate the suprarenal gland. I have been using for 14 years inhalers of Salbutamol (Berodual, Ventolin, etc.), which in addition of being expensive, they have secondary unpleasant effects such as nervousness, shakiness, headaches, nausea and vomits. My organism became so dependent of this drug that I spent more than one inhaler per month (200 doses) approximately 8 intakes per day. Even if my allergic reactions were “alleviated”, my health condition became worse and deteriorated even more with the abuse of smoking. All of this led me to a vicious circle in which I inhaled Salbutamol in order to be able to inhale nicotine. In the last months, I smoked 30 cigarettes per day and inhaled Salbutamol 8 to 10 times per day when I started to attend to the Gnostic conferences at the Anael Center.I realized myself about the damage that the cigarette caused me and with the psychological techniques that they gave me I left this vice completely a week later. Later, I attended to the conferences about urine therapy in this Center and immediately I felt the need to test this healing system. I began to drink 2 ounces of urine and I have been increasing the doses until 400 cc. The first days I had the healing symptoms: vomits, headaches; but I continued with the treatment. Seven days later I suspended inhaling Salbutamol and nowadays I am totally heal from asthma, rhinitis allergic. It also stopped my nervousness, shakiness, headaches and general discomfort. Before I could not eat acid fruits or fresh fish because they caused me allergic reactions, rash in my nose and body, etc. But now I can eat these foods because I do not have allergic reactions any more. Nowadays, I do not spend any penny in these synthetic medicines and my mood in general is better. I have lost weight I feel free from asthma, cigarettes, inhalers, thanks to the Anael Center and to the urine theraphyBerty from Barranquilla.Comments from the director: I personally know Berty and I am the first to be astonished of this cure, because I knew about her disease, which was practically hopeless by the pneumonologists, allergists, etc. Her treatment was salbutamol and corticoids for the entire life and these shorten the life of a person. We introduced Berty to a scientist and told us: “these allergic reactions are of genetic inheritance due to a chromosomal deficiency that inhibits the production of immunoglobulin E which generates the respiratory allergies, food allergies; etc. with the allergic shocks, this disease has not cure and the treatment is base upon bronchodilators and antihistamines”. Friends, the science does not accept the healing effects of the urine, but I affirm that God is marvelous and merciful and has made that each human being is carrying its own medicine. I really testify that the urine is the water of life. Note: Berty testimony is one among the many miracle cures with urine therapy happened at the Anael Center.

  • Perú


    Hi! I am 20 years old, when I was 17 I got pregnant, I had sex with a guy who wasn't worthy but to me was the best person in the World. It was very painful when I found out he already had a son with a woman and another kid with another woman. He was older than me and I loved him but when I told him I was late he said I was crazy and if I was pregnant it was my fault. When he found out he insulted me and called me names, but then he said we would go to the doctor. He never, seriously, never earn a penny for the doctor, he was very selfish (instead of getting me something to eat he would eat all my food), he said he didn't have anything for me, not even a cent. One day he said he wouldn't go with me to the Doctor, he told a friend to go with me and since then I haven't seen him until today. I started to feel bad, nauseous, my belly was showing and my mom found out , a lot of ideas crossed my mind, like killing myself. When my parents found out was very hard , nobody else knew, not even my brothers , they knew the guy who made me pregnant and only God knows what they would have done to him.The truth is I was confused , I didn’t know if I should have the baby or not, when I was 5 months pregnant I started to feel the kicking , I talked to him , I ask him to tell me what to do with him. I feel very sad while I write this; I had a hysterectomy, like a small C section. I lost my baby and I lost him forever, you can't imagine the pain it causes me, and when I see the scar I feel very, very bad, I regret I did this, my parents are to blame too, they did all this, they never asked me, it is my fault too because I never said anything. I was a fool.Whenever I see a kid I remember that night. My advice girls: DON'T DO IT, I regret it, I regret it very much, I killed my own son, my soul hurts. ANSWER:This invites us to meditate about the need to know yourself and become conscious of your own actions and not make the same mistakes again, mistakes that can only bring you painful consequences and Karma in this life or other lives. Related to your abortion, there is a way God can forgive you and it is : Advice women to not have abortions, a way is to help us promoting our page where we will give the necessary teachings. If you need help email us.


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